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Combustion Processes: Stack Emissions

Aerosol Measurement

Dekati® PM10 Impactor

A three stage cascade impactor for determining particle gravimetric mass size distribution. 

The PM10 impactor provides information on the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 mass size fractions. The PM10 impactor is available in 10 lpm or 30 lpm versions and complete setups can be provided for different applications including airl quality monitoring and combustion flue gas measurements.


Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor DLPI

The DLPI is a 13-stage cascade impactor used for the measurement of gravimetric particle size distribution. It has the ability to classify particle size from 10 µm down to 30 nm, with an optional filter stage accessory enabling the collection of particles below 30 nm. Currently, the DLPI is only available with a sample flow rate of 30 lpm.


High Resolution ELPI®+

The High Resolution ELPI®+ operates in the same manner as the ELPI®+ but features a data inversion algorithm that provides the user with real-time particle size distribution in up to 500 size classes in the size range of 6 nm - 10 µm.  The data inversion software may be purchased separately and used with the traditional ELPI®+. 



The DLPI+ (Dekati®Low Pressure Impactor) classifies particles into 14 size fractions, from 10 microns down to 16nm.  A chemical analysis of the size classified particles can also be performed. The DLPI+ impactor can be used in various particle measurement applications and can be heated up to 180°C with the DLPI+ Temperature Kit.  The kit includes a heating jacket for the impactor and integrated temperature control unit.



The ELPI®+(Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is an improved version of the widely used ELPI® system. This instrument enables the measurement of real-time particle size distribution and concentration in the size range of 6 nm – 10 μm, with up to a 10 Hz sampling rate.  The ELPI®+ can also be used for real-time particle charge distribution and for gravimetric impactor measurements.  Chemical analysis of the size-classified particles may also be conducted post-measurement.  

Benefits of the ELPI®+ system include:

  • Real-time stand-alone operation
  • Wide sample concentration range 
  • Wide particle size range
  • The ability for post-measurement chemical analysis of size classified particles  
  • Real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric measurements

High-Temperature ELPI®+

The Dekati® High Temperature ELPI®+ is a version of the ELPI®+ that allows for the direct measurement of heated aerosol samples up to 180° C.  The high temperature measurement avoids changes to the sample that can occur during cooling and dilution.



The Dekati®e-Filter™ adds real-time PM detection into a standard, US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065/1060 filter holder.  The e-Filter™ fits into all existing PM filter sampling systems, including CVS and partial flow tunnels.  This compact unit is battery operated and includes a diffusion charger with electrical detection for real-time measurement.  All data is saved to a micro-SD memory card.



Pegasor’s M-Sensor can directly measure raw, hot combustion emissions without the need for dilution or conditioning.  The resulting measurement is expressed as mass concentration and/or number concentration.  The M-Sensor can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Engine and after-treatment development
  • On board diagnostics
  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring 


The Mi3 is a cost-effective, turnkey system for automotive PM measurements in engine dynamometers, chassis dynamometers, and on-board applications.  Utilizing Pegasor M-Sensor technology, the Mi3 can directly measure raw, hot engine emissions without the need for dilution or conditioning, reducing cost, complexity and uncertainty.  



Sampling & Dilution

Dekati® Axial Diluter DAD-100

A simple and cost-effective dilution tool for any dilution task.

Especially designed for use with Dekati instruments, the DAD-100 is very simple to install into any sampling or measurement system. All-stainless steel design makes it also possible to heat the diluter up to 500°C. 


Dekati® Diluter DI-1000

A low-cost, simple and easy-to-operate device for diluting aerosol and gaseous samples from any source.

The simplicity and robustness of the all stainless-steel design have made it a widely renowned choice for dilution of combustion aerosols.


Dekati® Cyclone

An EPA-standard cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream.

The cyclone can be used in high temperatures due to the all-stainless steel construction. The Dekati® Cyclone is manufactured according to EPA standard 201A. 


Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300

The Dekati® DEED-300 is an aerosol diluter capable of sampling from pressures of up to 1 bar in standard configuration, and up to 10 bars in custom configurations.  Available as a single-stage 4:1 diluter, or as a two-stage 40:1 diluter, it features low losses and good time response.  The DEED-300 can also be heated and is often used in front of additional dilution and sample conditioning devices such as the DEED-100 when measuring high temperature combustion processes.


Dekati® DEED

The Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter (DEED) is a simple, easy-to-use engine exhaust conditioning and dilution system.  It meets all the requirements of EURO 5b/6 legislations for solid particle number count applications, but offers the flexibility to be used for traditional, particle mass measurements as well.  


Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro

The Dekati® eDiluter™ Pro is a portable, two-stage dilution system that is optimized for combustion aerosols, and has an adjustable dilution factor ranging from 1:25 – 1:225.  Dilution parameters are monitored on its integrated LCD display and a rotary knob allows the user to fine tune the first stage dilution air temperature.  Built-in sensors constantly monitor the dilution process and compensate for any fluctuations in the sample, ensuring the selected dilution factor remains constant under all conditions.


Dekati® eDiluter™

The Dekati® eDiluter™ is a portable, two-stage dilution system that is optimized for combustion aerosols.  It comes standard with a fixed 1:60 dilution factor but can also be ordered with a custom dilution factor in the range of 1:25 – 1:225.  Dilution parameters are monitored on its integrated LCD display.  A rotary knob allows the user to fine tune the first stage dilution air temperature.  The Dekati® eDiluter™ is fully compatible with both Dekati® and other commercially available particle measurement instruments.