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Ambient Aerosol Research & Monitoring

Aerosol Measurement


The Dekati®e-Filter™ adds real-time PM detection into a standard, US EPA 40 CFR Part 1065/1060 filter holder.  The e-Filter™ fits into all existing PM filter sampling systems, including CVS and partial flow tunnels.  This compact unit is battery operated and includes a diffusion charger with electrical detection for real-time measurement.  All data is saved to a micro-SD memory card.



The DLPI+ (Dekati®Low Pressure Impactor) classifies particles into 14 size fractions, from 10 microns down to 16nm.  A chemical analysis of the size classified particles can also be performed. The DLPI+ impactor can be used in various particle measurement applications and can be heated up to 180°C with the DLPI+ Temperature Kit.  The kit includes a heating jacket for the impactor and integrated temperature control unit.


Dekati® PM10 Impactor

A three stage cascade impactor for determining particle gravimetric mass size distribution. 

The PM10 impactor provides information on the PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 mass size fractions. The PM10 impactor is available in 10 lpm or 30 lpm versions and complete setups can be provided for different applications including airl quality monitoring and combustion flue gas measurements.



The ELPI®+(Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is an improved version of the widely used ELPI® system. This instrument enables the measurement of real-time particle size distribution and concentration in the size range of 6 nm – 10 μm, with up to a 10 Hz sampling rate.  The ELPI®+ can also be used for real-time particle charge distribution and for gravimetric impactor measurements.  Chemical analysis of the size-classified particles may also be conducted post-measurement.  

Benefits of the ELPI®+ system include:

  • Real-time stand-alone operation
  • Wide sample concentration range 
  • Wide particle size range
  • The ability for post-measurement chemical analysis of size classified particles  
  • Real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric measurements

Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor DLPI

A 13-stage cascade impactor for measuring gravimetric particle size distribution. 

The DLPI size classifies particles from 10 microns down to 30 nm with an optional filter stage accessory enabling collection of particles below 30 nm. DLPI is available with sample flow rates of 10 and 30 lpm.

Note:  This product is only available for purchase through December, 2019.  It is no longer found on Dekati's website.  If you need additional information, please contact Particle Instruments.


High Resolution ELPI®+

The High Resolution ELPI®+ operates in the same manner as the ELPI®+ but features a data inversion algorithm that provides the user with real-time particle size distribution in up to 500 size classes in the size range of 6 nm - 10 µm.  The data inversion software may be purchased separately and used with the traditional ELPI®+. 


APM 3602

The Aerosol Particle Mass Analyzer (APM 3602) classifies particles by mass, based on the balance between centrifugal force and electrostatic force.  This desktop unit classifies aerosol particles of 0.001 ~ 565 femtograms (Equivalent to approx. 12 ~ 1,008 nm for particle density of 1 g/cm3).   

The APM can be used in the following applications:

  • Mass distribution measurements
  • Particle density research
  • Monodisperse aerosol generation


The Portable Aerosol Mobility Spectrometer (PAMS) is an electrical mobility spectrometer designed for portable, mobile or hand-held aerosol sampling applications.  This instrument provides the number-weighted diameter distribution of aerosols in the 10-863nm size range.  It can be used in two modes:  single diameter count or size distribution.

The PAMS may be used in the following applications:

  • The measurement of both indoor and ambient air quality
  • Combustion and engine exhaust emission measurements
  • Filtration studies
  • Inhalation toxicology studies

Nanosampler Model 3182

A low pressure impactor (LPI) is usually used for sampling PM0.1, however, an LPI requires a low pressure vacuum or it will cause a change in particle composition. The Nanosampler can be used to sample a greater amount of PM0.1 particles at ambient pressure without causing a distortion in particle composition.

Enabling the use of a higher sampling flow, 40L/min, shortens the sampling time needed for the weighing or analysis of particle matter.


COMING SOON - Drift Tube Ion Mobility Spectrometer (DTIMS Model 3006)

The DTIMS performs high-resolution ion mobility measurement of large molecules and nanoparticles in the gas phase or within aerosol processes, such as combustion systems.  The DTIMS couples an aspirating drift tube with a fast-response, condensation particle counter, achieving the following:

  • Particle measurement range from 2.0 to >40 nm
  • High resolution (Zp/ΔZp) >20 up to 10 nm
  • Ultrafast measurement (<10 sec) for sub-10 nm aerosols, 60 seconds for up to 40 nm

Piezobalace Dust Monitor Model 3521 / 3522

Direct particulate mass measurement based on a piezo-crystal inertial balance.


Handheld Condensation Particle Counter Model 3800

This handheld, direct-reading instrument screens for nanoparticles in the size range of 0.015 - 1 µm, and concentration of 0 - 100,000 particles/cm3.  When accompanied with an extension probe, it is extremely useful for sampling hard-to-reach areas.  The 3800 can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Engine exhaust testing
  • Aerosol research 
  • Occupational health control

Black Carbon Monitor, Model 3130

The Black Carbon Monitor Model 3130 is a fully automated, continuous soot monitoring system that provides real-time measurement of light absorption by black carbon aerosols.  It can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • The measurement of health hazards in ambient air
  • The measurement of black carbon directly from a single source

Fast Condensation Particle Counter Model 3650

The 3650 has the fastest response time of any commercially available condensation particle counter on the market, with a 10-90% response time (~ 35 ms time constant (Ʈ) ~20 ms) and a 50% detection efficiency at 2.4 nm.



Kanomax NanoAerosol Generator Model 3250

The NanoAerosol Generator Model 3250 is a pneumatic-type nebulizer that produces an ultrafine aerosol.  In addition to general aerosol research, the Model 3250 can be used in place of an electrospray generator for many applications due to the small particle size it generates.



Diluters & Conditioners

Dekati® Thermodenuder

The instrument makes detailed studies of soot particles possible by removing volatiles from automotive exhaust. Removal of the volatiles eliminates unwanted sample transformations. The high flow rate of the instrument makes it an ideal tool for use with ELPI® (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) and DMM (Dekati® Mass Monitor). 

Note:  This product is only available for purchase through December, 2019.  It is no longer found on Dekati's website.  If you need additional information, please contact Particle Instruments.


Dekati® Cyclone

An EPA-standard cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream.

The cyclone can be used in high temperatures due to the all-stainless steel construction. The Dekati® Cyclone is manufactured according to EPA standard 201A. 


ADI-100 Neutralizer Housing

The ADI Neutralizer Housing is designed to hold four StaticMaster polonium-210 sources to provide a bipolar ion source for aerosol charge neutralization.  Its 7° tapered inlet ensures uniform flow with minimal particle losses within the particle region.

Aerosol Dynamics